The hike to the Alpine Hut


You begin your hike at Gasenried or Grächen. Parking is available at the entrance of Gasenried. 4 places are reservated for our guests.  Your hike will take you through the larch wood to the “Alpja” or “sheep alp”. In early summer, thousands of alpine rosesare in bloom around the alp!

Marked hiking trails will lead you from the Alpja to the Riedgletscher (Ried glacier). This easy and flat glacier crossing, with reflecting bars marking the hiking trails every 20 meters (Warning: the reflecting bars are not in use when the alpine hut is closed for the season!).

The path then rises briefly once again until you reach the alpine hut.

Important note: Please get information about the glacial conditions before you begin your trip.  climbing spurs are necessary.

The alpine hut offers 44 sleeping berths with duvets. Please bring hut sleeping bags!

Registration is mandatory!

Map: 1:25000 1308 St. Niklaus (1328 Randa); 1:50000 274 Visp
Coordinates: 631 770/110 420 GoogleEarth